Why Visit the Divorce Doctor?


During the past 14 years I have created a programme designed specifically to save marriages. My methods differ from Relate, counselling and therapy because I offer immediate, easy to apply tools and strategies to couples and individuals who want to get past upset and move forward with their relationships.

Sometimes a long term relationship or marriage just cannot be saved and for these couples and individuals I offer the emotional and practical skills necessary to help them to stay sane during the craziest time of their lives.

Why Visit me?

Take a look at the following questions. If you answer ‘yes’ to three or more, then I can help you. Just give me a call on 0209 326 0223 between 9am and 6pm. We’ll have an informal assessment chat, get to know each other and decide together the best way forward. It’s always good to talk!

  • Have you been unhappy in your relationship for more than a year?
  • Would you like to find a way to rebuild your relationship?
  • Have you thought about separation or divorce but not discussed it with your partner?
  • Are you worried that you may not be making the right decision?
  • Are you staying in your relationship for the sake of the children?
  • Have you decided to get divorced or are being divorced and need help navigating the legal procedures?
  • Do you want to avoid huge legal fees or horrible court battles but don’t know how to do that?
  • Would unbiased financial advice be helpful?
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  • On some days do you find it difficult to manage the kids, your work and cope with divorce?
  • Do you want to find a way to communicate clearly with your former partner rather than the way you speak and listen to each other right now?
  • Do you want to avoid conflicts and battles between you?
  • Do you want to divorce without drama and with your dignity in tact?
  • Do you want your dignity and honor back?
  • Are you ready to move forward with your life but still feel stuck in the past?

Services for you

  • If you are a couple experiencing problems in your partnership, I work with you individually and together to recover and rebuild your relationship.
  • Would you like to stay together and redesign your relationship so that you both get the best out of it? I can show you how to hold on to what works and stop what doesn’t.
  • If your relationship is breaking down, I am skilled and effective in providing you with honest, supportive, ‘no-blame’ coaching to help you make the right choices going forward.
  • If you’ve already decided to divorce, I will help you create a personal route map so you can navigate the rocky road ahead. I know that every divorce is different so we will focus on your specific situation not on formulaic coaching or therapy.
  • I will show you how to transform any setbacks into opportunities for change and growth
  • If you are divorced I will help you to regain ‘full health’, heal your heart and learn to love again