What People Say


“We have different values and they are so far apart that we don’t have anything in common any more and I doubt if we ever did. Funnily enough I actually feel a great sense of relief because I have spent so many years trying to be what he wants and going against everything I am. Now I understand that although our relationship is over its not my fault or his and we can both move on.”  SANDIE

“I’ve realised that I was unconscious in my relationship with Tim. I wasn’t living in reality but more in my fantasy of what a relationship should be like. Through understanding myself better, I’ve woken up, I’m ready to be me again and we can’t thank you enough. Both of us have learned so much about ourselves working with you. One thing we know is that we do still love each other and both of us are willing to do what it takes to make this work.”  CHRISSY L

“We came to Francine for relationship coaching because we had reached a point where we really needed help – we couldn’t do it ourselves. From the very first meeting on the phone, to the face to face meetings we have had, we have both felt safe, challenged and loved by Francine. The breakthrough came when we explored what it would be like to be outside the relationship – and then looked at what it would be like to be fully committed to being ‘in’ the relationship – after we had done that, we knew we couldn’t possibly go back to being ‘in between’ the relationship in no-man’s land. The next breakthrough came from having some really courageous conversations about what was really going on in our so called marriage. After 30 years of being together, 26 of them married, we are now genuinely looking forward to what’s next – it’s a cliché, but it really is like starting again! We’re still making time to talk, being honest with what is going on for us and planning more time together. Francine, I would recommend you because you have a big heart and a real gift for working with couples.”  TONY BARTON